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Covid-19 and Inflammation
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Marion Guérin: " Cancer and Immune response" - Institut Cochin, Inserm U1016.

Ex-aequo with

Maxime Jeljeli:
"Trained immunity" and role of macrophage memory in the immunomodulation of fibroinflammatory
- UMR_S1016 UMR8104 Institut Cochin.


PhD Position at INEM
(CNRS, Orléans Univ., France)

-3 years
Starting Fall 2021
"Role of self-nucleic acids as danger signals activating the STING signaling pathway in pulmonary disorders" more information


Gremi members in the News:

The team directed by Véronique WITKO-SARSAT at the Institut Cochin has obtained the prestigious label of the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM) with the project on « Neutrophils in autoimmune vasculitis ». Guarantee of excellence, the "FRM team" label is awarded for three years and aims to fund innovative work in biology, with a high potential for application in human health.

Nathalie VERGNOLLE has been granted with the Price Marthe Condat 2020 which is part of the Trophy of Valorisation of Research organized by Toulouse Tech Transfer. This price is dedicated to acknowledge her research in the field of intestinal inflammation carried out in collaboration between academic research and industry and the creaction of innovative start-up.




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La 37ème journée Institut Cochin/JC Dreyfus will be held on Friday 19th November 2021
" Platelets beyond hemostasis - Platelets in immunity

Organizing committee: Morgane Bomsel, Élisabeth Bordé-Cramer, Fernando Real
Contact :


The World Congress of Inflammation 2022 (WCI- 2022) will be in Rome, Italy,
from June 5th to 8th 2022 - 2 GREMI sessions:
- Thromboinflammation as an emerging key actor in diseases (COVID-19 related)
- Microbiota and Inflammation: mechanisms and potential treatments

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The GREMI is involved (Xavier Norel) in the next 8EWLM Bioactive Lipid Meeting
organized by ESLM - Stockholm

GREMI recent activities

GREMI Webinar

Due to covid-period, the meeting has been replaced by a Webinar on November 5th, 2021

Inflammation: you get on my nerves - PROGRAM

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The GREMI (Caroline Demangel) is involved  in the organisation of this conference:

Covid-19 and Inflammation - News from GREMI and others

The GREMI isinvolved (Mustapha Si-Tahar) in Studium Conférences "Novel host- and microbiota-directed strategies for treating respiratory infections" Tours (France); June 11-12, 2020

GREMI was involved in the organization of the World Congress on Inflammation WCI2019

Last One-Day GREMI meeting
Pictures of the meeting - Abstracts

One-Day GREMI meeting "Inflamed cells: Latest news from the inside"
March 15th, 2019 - Pasteur Institute, Paris