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Covid-19 and Inflammation
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Mélodie Douté:

"Exploring the interplay between chronic thrombo-inflammation and megakaryopoiesis, in
the development of microvascular lesions during vasculitis-associated glomerulonephritis"

Thesis directors: Antonino Nicoletti & Marc Clément


The Laboratory of Experimental and Molecular Immunology and Neurogenetic (INEM) in Orleans aims at recruiting a junior professor to develop original projects on the role of the microbiota in physiopathology. Application: February 15th to March 20th, 2024


Congratulations to Véronique WITKO-SARSAT who received, with Theresa PIZARRO (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland) one of the two Woman in Science Awards 2022 from the IAIS (International Association of Inflammation Societies)

This prize, presented by Nathalie VERGNOLLE, President of the IAIS, rewards women, regardless of their nationality, who have made a significant contribution to research in the field of inflammation and who have international recognition.

This distinction is also intended to promote the visibility of women in science, this message, carried by GREMI for many years, is particularly important for future generations of researchers.

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GREMI is involved in the organisation of the WCI2024
with 2 symposium:

Symposium sponsored by the GREMI: Novel Points of Control of Lung Inflammation
Chairs: Dr. Véronique Witko-Sarsat, Dr. Mustapha Si-Tahar

Effect of CFTR modulators on lung inflammation and neutrophil functions in cystic fibrosis
Dr. Véronique Witko-Sarsat, Institut Cochin, France
- Neonatal cross-talk of alveolar macrophages and neutrophils regulate lung inflammation
Dr. Erwan Pernet, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada
- Metabolic control of virus-induced lung inflammation 
Dr. Mustapha Si-Tahar, Inserm-CEPR, France
- Specialized pro-resolving mediators in respiratory diseases
Pr. Bruce Levy, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA

Symposium Brazil - GREMI (France): Lipid mediators for resolution and beyond 
Chairs: Dr. Mauro Teixeira, Dr. Xavier Norel

- Novel molecules and mechanisms resolving inflammation, suppressing fibrosis
Dr. Catherine Godson, University College Dublin, Ireland
- Abnormal resolution of inflammation in Cystic Fibrosis: A role for Specialized Proresolving Mediators
Dr. Valérie Urbach, INSERM, Université Paris-Est-Créteil, France 
- Maresin and SPMs in human arteries and heart, interactions with PGE2 pathway

Dr. Xavier Norel, INSERM U1148, Sorbonne Paris Nord University, France
- SPMs in atherosclerosis and aging

Dr. Gabrielle Fredman, Albany Medical College, USA


The GREMI is involved (Xavier Norel) in the 9EWLM Bioactive Lipid Meeting
organized by ESLM - Edinburgh (Abstract submission dead-line: May 1st)


GREMI recent activities

One-Day GREMI Meeting

Pictures of the meeting are on-line
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Registration and abstract submissions


GREMI (Sylvain Perruche, Marc Dubourdeau and Xavier Norel)
is supporting and participated in the 3rd Resolution Days


The World Congress of Inflammation WCI2022 took place in Rome (Italy), 5-8th June 2022
THANK YOU to the speakers of the symposia organized by GREMI which were a great success.

The symposium "Thromboinflammation as an emerging key actor in diseases related to covid-19" organized by Véronique WITKO-SARSAT and Xavier NOREL provided an opportunity to pinpoint the new biologic roles of platelets and megakaryocytes. The data presented by Bernard PAYRASTRE (Toulouse), Morgane BOMSEL (Paris) and Grace THOMAS (Montpellier) have clearly shown the importance of these emerging players in inflammation.

The symposium "Microbiota and inflammation: mechanisms and potential treatments" organized by Céline DERAISON and Nathalie VERGNOLLE addressed some still unexplored notions of the abundant research on the microbiota in particular the problem raised by biofilms exposed by Jean-Paul MOTTA (Toulouse) and the therapeutic advances addressed by Giovanni BARBARA (Bologna).

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The GREMI was involved (Xavier Norel) in the 8EWLM Bioactive Lipid Meeting
organized by ESLM - Stockholm (Abstract submission dead-line: April 15th)


Seminar of Institut Cochin

Thrombin stories from the gut: implications for host inflammatory response and microbiota

Thursday 17 February 2022 - Room Rosalind Franklin, and videoconference. To obtain the access link to the videoconference please send an e-mail to webinaire.u1016

Nathalie Vergnolle (GREMI Vice-President)
Digestive Health Research Institute, Inserm U1220 Inra U1416, Toulouse

La 37ème journée Institut Cochin/JC Dreyfus will be held on Friday 19th November 2021
" Platelets beyond hemostasis - Platelets in immunity

Organizing committee: Morgane Bomsel, Élisabeth Bordé-Cramer, Fernando Real
Contact :


GREMI Webinar

Due to covid-period, the meeting has been replaced by a Webinar on November 5th, 2021

Inflammation: you get on my nerves - PROGRAM

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The GREMI (Caroline Demangel) is involved  in the organisation of this conference:

Covid-19 and Inflammation - News from GREMI and others