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Missions and Actions

The Group for Research and Studies on Mediators of Inflammation (GREMI) is a French-based association composed of academic and industrial members dedicated to promote studies on all aspects of inflammation research. The following are the primary activities of GREMI:

®  GREMI brings together scientists with interests in the area of inflammation in order to promote communication and discussion on advances in scientific and clinical research. GREMI encourages these interactions by organizing seminars and meetings on specific topics in the field of inflammation research.

®  The GREMI is an active member of the International Association of Inflammation Societies (IAIS), an organization that is also committed to promote research and scientific endeavour in the field.

®  The GREMI has established an annual “GREMI Ph.D. Thesis Award” to recognize the recent contributions of a promising young Ph.D. student and in so doing, encourages and facilitates his/her lifelong commitment to the field of inflammation. Limited travel awards are also available and provided by GREMI to outstanding young investigators to defray expenses related to participation to scientific conferences organized in France or elsewhere in western Europe. The recipient is expected to present a summary of the thesis or the conference (1 page and 1 figure) on the GREMI web site.


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